Getting to know me

Hi and welcome to my website my name is Ron Cripps. I have been online since 2001 firstly as a fulltime affiliate marketer and then over time taking on clients who were in need of a website.

My business site is MarketingTilt – Creative Web Design and Marketing Solutions where I have an experienced team of people that help and consult to get the best possible outcome for small and large businesses alike online.

Where I Started

Once the online bug bit me, I started building websites from scratch using an HTML editor that was initially given to me by a close friend. Once I learnt a little, I started creating sites for friends and family as this was my learning time and I was not charging for anything I did. I was so hungry for knowledge that to me this was the best and fastest way to learn about websites, hosting and domain names but also what people wanted and were expecting from a web designer.

Ron Cripps Tweed Heads, Australia

When people think of web design, they often think of things like graphics, page layout, and attention-grabbing fonts. While these elements are part of web design, the truth is that web design encompasses much more than just aesthetics.

Your site is no good if others can’t find it on the web. When it comes to website design, ethical SEO practices include using alt text for images, no-following outbound links that are irrelevant to the site, and labelling page titles and headers effectively.

Things To Consider When Employing A Web Designer

You will need to have already or be ready to purchase a domain name; I can help you with that as it’s in your best interest to keep control of any domain name you register. Some people can and will hold you to ransom if they have control, such as making you pay and excessive some to release the domain name you have already paid for to you.

Have a good idea of what you want, not just in the design of the site but what you what it to achieve. Don’t have a website built that is offering services to the general publish you are only really wanting to sell products from home. Hopefully, that makes sense and helps you to follow a more directed approach.

Are you interested in learning more about what makes a great website design? 

Don’t skimp when it comes to building your brand online it will become an asset to you and your business over time.

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